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Ambulance Stretcher

Ambulance Stretcher

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Standard ambulance stretcher EMS-D201

This is standard, fixed height ambulance stretcher with aluminum alloy construction. Four swivel wheels foamed cushion surface. The back can adjust up . Equipped with safety locks., there are four telescopic handles at both ends.

Automatic Loading Stretcher EMS-D204

This automatic loading stretcher is made of aluminum alloy. Car loading part has two wheels, a big one and a small one. It is easy to operate, only one person can operate and send the patient (with this stretcher) to the ambulance or transporting vehicle. The mechanical foldaway legs are controlled by the handles on one end of the stretcher. And the legs can be folded under the stretcher automatically when loading onto the vehicle. Also the stretcher can be locked by the fixing devices (included) when on the ambulance or transporting vehicle.

Roll-In Chair Cot EMS-D206

The Roll-In Chair Cot is an emergency patient-handling device designed to transport a patient in a ground-based ambulance. The cot converts to a four-position chair for use in confined spaces and/or for patient comfort. The cot is for professional use by a minimum of two trained operators. Additional help is needed when folding the cot with a patient on it. The cot is designed for roll-in loading to help reduce the risk of back injury to medical service personnel.

Manual Mortuary Stretcher EMS-D207

The Mortuary Cot is built of anodized aluminum tubing. The bed surface is made of foamed cushion. It has traditional tapered head end design. With reinforced automatic locking legs and multiple level adjustments .One person can load and unload. Has locking swivel wheels for secure and easy maneuverability.

Multilevel Fully Automatic Ambulance Cot Stretcher EMS-D208

This multifunctional automatic loading stretcher has varied heights. It is made of lightweight tubular aluminum construction provides durability and strength. Only need one person can push stretcher on to the ambulance without any control handles. The bed surface is made of foamed cushion and the adjustable back making the wounded feel comfortable. Swing down side arms enable convenient patient transfer from bed to cot.

X-frame Mobile Transporter Cot Stretcher EMS-D210

The Mobile transporter is made of aluminum. It has sturdy X-frame undercarriage. Height adjustment is from 38cm to 100cm .The head section can be folded down. Adjustable backrest angle from 0 to 75 degree. Only one or two person raise and slide the stretcher on to the ambulance;