Gynaecology and Obstetrics Supply

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Gynecological Examination and Operation Table

GOS110 is invented for a convenient gynecology clinical examination, and it is the assistant medical device that proving a variety of gynecological examinations and surgeries. It is driven by an electric pushrod, and all of its electric movement and position adjustment is completed by a hand controller or optional footswitch. Its motor system is made by a well-known manufacturer, featuring long-life, stable performance, low noise, and flexible operation. The structure of the table is made of high-quality carbon steel power. And we pay more attention to make it more humanistic and comfortable to use, with delicate appearance. The mattress is molded by once foaming, plus the seamless table surface making it easy to clean and maintain.

Hospital Fetal Monitor for Newborn Observation

The fetal monitor is mainly structured by a fetal heart rate recorder and a uterine contraction recorder. It is a measurement equipment that can depict the pattern of fetal heart activity, according to the ultrasound Doppler principle therapy and electricity flow changes of a fetal heartbeat. This monitor device provides efficient support to make pregnant women relieved. This model is designed to provide continuous monitoring, displaying, and record of FHR, as well as the test of antenatal UA. And it is often used by trained paramedics in hospitals, clinics, consulting rooms, and homes. It is a non-invasive measurement antenatal monitoring system. It shows UC and FHR via waveform and chart, and record data in a recorder with a strip chart. These data can provide assistance in the assessment of the health status before delivery.

Infrared Ray Therapy Equipment for Muscle Pain & Pain Relief, Improves Blood Circulation

This movable chart is the red light medical treatment that uses red light has fairly strong penetrability and optical effect of red wavelengths. The red light can act on the painful part of the human body and insert the depth of tissue. In that case, it will allow tissues to have good light energy absorption, accelerate cell regeneration, and improve blood and lymphatic system circulation. The non-invasive treatment device can help achieve great treatment effects from diminishing inflammation, analgesic effect, and detumescence to promote the growth of granulation tissue and shorten the wound healing time.

Medical Maternal and Fetal Monitor for Hospital Use

The maternal and fetal monitor is designed to sense the physiological data of the pregnant woman and fetus, and the device can sense a variety of physiological changes and strengthen information, transforming it into electricity information, automatically calculating and redacting the information. After the above automatic process is done, the monitor will activate the alarm when the result is over a certain index. It is an advanced monitoring system for both antepartum and intrapartum that are easy to use and allow you to improve your standard of obstetrics care.

Mobile Petal OT Lamp for Surgery

The petal series operating light is one of the LED type, which has several special petal-type lamp caps. It is a mobile and vertical shadowless lamp to meet different height and angle requirements when in surgeries. The whole medical shadowless lamp consists of multiple high-luminance white LED lamp beads, and these beads can compose a series, which is known as high brightness LED. And all series combines a whole petal operating light. Each series is independent, when one of them fails, other beads can still work normally.

Trolley-mounted Electric Video Colposcope

The colposcope is the gynecology clinical diagnose equipment, and it is one of the gynecological endoscopes. It is applicable to detect various cervical diseases and genital lesions, which has important meaning for early diagnosis of relevant diseases, even more, serious health conditions. This clinically-proven colposcope with a cervical map helps improve biopsy selection, documentation, patient experience, and residency education. GOS103 has made a radical breakthrough in understanding the bio-chemical interactions on the cervix combined with a highly innovative approach, which makes it more advanced and popular than conventional colposcopy.