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Baby Incubator in the NICU

This baby incubator is a special cabin designed to provide a safe, isolated space for infants to live while their vital organs develop. It offers those little babies an ideal environment with appropriate temperature as well as the perfect amount of oxygen, humidity, and light. As a whole, PS114 is a temporary medical bassinet to support the premature, low-weight baby, the sick baby, or others with health issues. It is common to use in pediatric hospitals, birthing centers, and neonatal intensive care units. This neonatal ventilator is consists of a host, a rhinobyon, and a trolley. It is a dedicated infant ventilator based on years of experience our customers have in ventilating premature babies. So we clearly know what you want if you are in a similar situation. PS114 is invented to provide developmental care, infection prevention, protective therapies, and alarm management, which creates a secure and protected care environment for most vulnerable patients.

Battery-powered Neonatal Jaundice Meter

PS112 is very simple to apply and operate, making it very fast and easy to achieve bilirubin readings with minimal impact on the little baby. It is small in size and has an easy-to-read display for convenient use and carrying around. Its advanced optical design and processing algorithms ensure great accuracy. No need for blood sampling gives further potential advantages in relation to infection prevention in addition to the developmental care considerations. Moreover, it comes with self-calibration and external calibration functions for periodic checks and adjustments. So it is reliable medical equipment for testing jaundice conditions.

Electric Precise Baby Scale

This digital scale is an integrated measuring device that measures the height and weight of babies. It is gently curved to prevent infants from falling down during weighing. This advanced facility features excellent precision to accurately track babies’ growth development. Extension pieces can be attached over the handles at either end for holding longer babies. This automatic baby scale is simply structured but useful and convenient for tracking babies’ growth conditions. It is designed with a contoured surface to ensure safety when little baby lying on it, and it can be used with a small blanket to make the baby feel comfortable during weighing. In seconds, this scale will display the measurement results on the large easy-to-read screen. You don’t have to worry about its precision as the scale has a hold function, although the baby is continuously wriggling when weighing. PS111 is a popular solution whether you are tracking growth between doctor visits or simply making sure your breastfed baby is taking in enough milk.

Hospital baby bassinet

The medical baby cot trolley consists of a high-quality stainless steel structure and transparent acrylic bassinet. The transparent crib makes it easier and more convenient even when the parent is lying on the bed. And the sturdy structure and column ensure definite safety and reliability for the baby’s sleeping. Moreover, the horizontal angle of the crib is adjustable via the handle under the crib. In a word, this PS119 nursery baby crib is an essential accessory for the newborns, and it can be placed closer to the parent or maternity ward because of the four swivel casters. Adults can pay immediate attention and instant care for the little baby by this mobile baby crib.

Infant Radiant Warmer on Casters

The infant radiant warmer is the thermal equipment that is specially used for newborns, premature, critically ill baby, and frail baby. It comes with an infrared radiation device, which is used to provide continuous warmth. And there is also a digital skin temperature sensor and far-infrared temperature detector to monitor the baby’s surface temperature and bed surface temperature during nursing. It is a flexible workstation combined with LED lightings, a radiation box, a control meter, a baby bed, a machine shelf, a skin temperature sensor, an infusion shelf, an instrument tray, and optional jaundice therapeutic meter. PS115 is a comprehensive and integrated medical device for infusion, treatment, observation, and so on, and offers a comfortable environment for rest.

Infant T-Piece Resuscitator

The T-piece resuscitator is a mechanical device using airflow to control the pressure limitation. It can provide newborns with constant expiratory positive end pressure and inspiratory peak pressure, which can safely expand the baby’s lung and offer excellent oxygenation. This resuscitation device is an easy-to-use resuscitator that is widely used in the delivery room, neonatal wards, postnatal wards, operating rooms, NICU, and neonate’s transfer.