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Cassette Autoclave

Cassette autoclave is a tiny and fast impulse vacuum sterilizer, which only takes 9-12 minutes to complete sterilization. This compact size autoclave is usually used in the stomatology department, otolaryngology department, ophthalmology department, and operating rooms.

Hospital Medical Equipment Automatic Desktop Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

What is an ethylene oxide sterilizer? This compact size desktop is a rectangle structure sterilizer that is popular to be the first choice of labs. It comes with high-efficiency spectrums so the Eto gas sterilizer is capable of conducting thorough sterilization. It is a smart sterilizer running with a fully automatic control system, one-click start to end, the whole process is completed automatically. And it only takes a small space, which is extremely suitable for crowded labs full of a variety of equipment.

Plasma Low Temperature Sterilizer

The plasma sterilizer’s work principle is that the hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma contacts with multiple microorganism’s cell wall and cell membrane on surgical apparatus, oxidize and inactivate them so as to achieve the sterilization effect. This sterilizer is used in the sterilization of equipment that is resistant to high temperature and damp heat. This low-temperature sterilization system is a low-temperature plasma sterilizer to inactivate microorganisms for a broad range of metal and nonmetal medical devices and surgical instruments at low temperatures. The compact size sterilizer can disinfect medical devices by diffusing hydrogen peroxide vapor into the chamber or pouch.

Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer

Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer is one of the popular devices which are in use by dentistry departments, ophthalmology departments, and also by operating rooms in almost all small to large size hospitals and in many independent clinics. It is made of 304-grade stainless steel, commonly with a chamber that has a mirror finish.

Stainless Steel Medical Portable Steam Sterilizer

DSC077 is a complete, self-contained unit with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve, and pilot light. It connects to any outlet, is ready for use instantly, and ensures complete, efficient sterilization. This medical sterilizer is set with a pressure switch, and the switch will automatically control and keep a constant temperature and pressure.

Vertical Sterilizer Medical Autoclave

The pressure steam sterilizer uses saturated pressure steam to conduct quick and reliable sterilization for goods, including medical equipment, surgical dressing, glassware, solution culture medium and etc. And this type of sterilizer is recognized as one of the most reliable sterilization methods. So it is widely used in hospitals, primary health care institutions, CDC, blood station, schools, pharmaceutical factories, and clinical labs. It takes steam as its sterilization medium which is safe and economic. This stainless steel is designed to provide excellent performance and accountability for a wide range of applications used in modern laboratories.