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Botiquines de primeros auxilios

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Disposable Rescue Survival Tourniquet EMS-A211C

This buckle belt tourniquet is made of latex-free polymer material. Because of its easy operation and high efficiency, it has been used in military, medical aid, artery bleeding, etc. Also, it is essential for the individual, family and sports team to keep in their first aid kits.

Emergency Rescue CPR Mask Kit (EMS-I116)

This CPR mask rescue kit comes with a reusable, easy-to-clean, pocket-size CPR mouth barrier with a transparent dome that securely fits the faces of infants, children, and adults. This product is equipped with a non-return valve with a filter function, which acts as barrier protection for responders in an emergency. Features a replaceable one-way valve with a biological filter in one housing.

Bolso del trauma del Out-call EMS-21001

Nuestra bolsa de traumatología está diseñada para el tratamiento de lesiones menores. Los contenidos típicos incluyen esfigmomanómetro, tijeras medicinales, algodón alcohólico, algodón de yodo, gasa, gasas medicinales y así sucesivamente.

Kit completo de primeros auxilios EMS-21002

El kit completo de primeros auxilios está pensado para visitar el tratamiento de emergencia. Los contenidos típicos incluyen cilindro de oxígeno, cámara de aire para la reanimación, aspi- rador manual, vendaje de gasa, piezas de gasa medicinales y así sucesivamente.

CPAP Facial Mask (EMS-I148)

CPAP Mask is an interface for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea using continuous positive airway pressure. It provides a good seal when fitted to the patient while providing maximum comfort. It features a simple design and easy use for people to have a hassle-free night sleep.

Elastic Quick Release Medical Sport Tourniquet EMS-A211A

The First Aid Tourniquet is elastic and made of non-latex material which is gentle to the skin. It can be easily operated by one hand to tighten and loosen with the adjustable buckle. This product is mainly used for stopping the massive hemorrhage of limbs on field conditions or in a normal pre-hospital emergency.