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Mini Oxygen Regulator

This low-cost regulator is fitted with a brass sleeve around key parts. It is laser etched to eliminate flaking and rub-off. Test method for evaluating the ignition, sensitivity and fault tolerance of oxygen. Normally, the regulator applies to all medical and emergency treatment.

Anesthetic Laryngoscope Set Adult

The anesthetic laryngoscope is one of the most popular medical tools for obtaining a clear view of the larynx and facilitates tracheal intubation. Made of titanium steel, it is easy to be cleaned and sterilized. So it is safe for repeatable uses among patients, and it is also sturdy enough for durable and long time use.

Emergency First Aid Compact Mylar Blanket

This silver blanket is made from PET film, extremely lightweight, flexible, and can retain 90% body heat in cold weather. The silver side protects the patient from the heat. The gold side protects the patient from the cold. It can be included in first aid kits and also in camping equipment. For the lost campers and hikers, it can be used as an improvised distress beacon for searchers due to the metallic surface appearance flashes in the sun.

Emergency Manual Vacuum Suction Pump

The hand-held suction pump is perfect for emergency suction of adult, pediatric, and neonate patients. It comes with a disposable collection jar and adult and child catheters, for aspirating fluid away from a patient. This hand-operated aspirator is ideal for quick response in emergencies.

Hospital Medical Autoclave Sterilizer

This autoclave sterilizer is intended to created high-pressure steam that could widely be applied to medical instruments and industrial disposable infectious waste for sterilization.

Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Casters

This kick bucket is balanced and corrosion resistant. It is situated on top of 4 swivel casters to allow for easy mobility. It has a stainless steel frame and a bumper around the entire bottom so it will not scuff walls should it bump into them. This fully stainless steel is convenient and durable to use so it is widely applied in kinds of industries, especially in medical healthcare.