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Emergency Rescue CPR Mask Kit (EMS-I116)

This CPR mask rescue kit comes with a reusable, easy-to-clean, pocket-size CPR mouth barrier with a transparent dome that securely fits the faces of infants, children, and adults. This product is equipped with a non-return valve with a filter function, which acts as barrier protection for responders in an emergency. Features a replaceable one-way valve with a biological filter in one housing.

CPAP Facial Mask (EMS-I148)

CPAP Mask is an interface for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea using continuous positive airway pressure. It provides a good seal when fitted to the patient while providing maximum comfort. It features a simple design and easy use for people to have a hassle-free night sleep.

Manual Resuscitator Bag(EMS-I101/I102/I103)

Resuscitation PVC bag is made of latex-free high-grade medical silicone material, strictly autoclaved to 134℃to prevent cross infection and contamination. It is equipped with an overpressure valve and an oxygen reservoir connector. Removable and disinfectable in cold with non-corrosive bactericidal solutions.

PVC Anesthesia Mask Set (EMS-I120/I121/I122/I23/I124/I125/I126)

This mask is made of latex free medical grade PVC material. Its air cushion can perfectly fit the patient’s face and provide good sealing. This cost-effective mask is with lower dead space and leakage used for resuscitation, anesthesia and other oxygen or aerosol delivery application.