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Surgical Pendant

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The ceiling-mounted double-arm medical pendant

The medical hanging power is the necessary medical device of the hospital's modern operating room. It mainly functions as the terminal transfer for oxygen supply and suction for the operating room and compressing air, nitrogen, and other medical gas. This $sku$ features for its double horizontal aluminum arm. The surgical pendant is a high-tech workstation completely customized including gas outlets, power sockets, internet video connections, and necessary accessories according to your detailed clinical demands.

Hospital Operating Room Single-arm Surgical Tower

A variety of arm lengths can freely combine with different load-bearing requirements. Departments of the hospital can choose a suspension tower according to the different demands, especially the weight of the equipment to be placed. This single-arm surgical tower can provide power, air source, and a network interface for anesthesia machines, extracorporeal circulation (artificial heart-lung machine), and other equipment. Customizable cabinets and table layers service are available, please feel free to contact us if you have similar demand.