Tourniquets work only on arm and leg injuries. It is widely applied in emergencies, in surgery, or in post-operative rehabilitation. 

It uses external pressure to a limb or extremity so as to limit – but not stop – the flow of blood.

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Military Issue Rescue Survival Tourniquet EMS-A211C

This buckle belt tourniquet is made of latex-free polymer material. Because of its easy operation and high efficiency, it has been used in military, medical aid, artery bleeding, etc. Also, it is essential for the individual, family and sports team to keep in their first aid kits.

Elastic Quick Release Medical Sport Tourniquet Buckle Band EMS-A211A

The First Aid Tourniquet is elastic and made of non-latex material which is gentle to the skin. It can be easily operated by one hand to tighten and loosen with the adjustable buckle. This product is mainly used for stopping the massive hemorrhage of limbs on field conditions or in a normal pre-hospital emergency.

CAT Tactical Tourniquet Quick Slow Hemorrhage Rescue EMS-A209C

The military tourniquet can easily self-operated and quickly control life-threatening extremity bleeding. It is designed to perform in all weather conditions and can be widely used in most emergency situations. According to the record, it has been issued to more than one million military personnel.

Medical SOF Military Tactical Emergency Tourniquet EMS-A209B(Hook Type)

This SOF military tourniquet features an outstanding ability to control extremity bleeding, lightweight to carry, high level of reliability and ease of application. Besides, it is an effective and convenient device can be used in a high-stress and harsh environment. So it becomes the choice of most military combat troops all over the world.