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Transport Stretcher/Bed

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Hydraulic Hospital Bed for Emergency Rescue

Our hydraulic patient transport Stretcher offering you multiple standard features at an affordable price, including an X-Ray translucent backboard, telescoping IV stand, 5th Wheel assist, and more. It is suitable for routine or emergency hospitalization registration, medical check, X-tray diagnosis, early treatment, and etc. Meanwhile, this stretcher is ideal for transporting patients between hospital departments, wards, and operating rooms.

Stainless Steel Frame Patient Transport Stretcher

This transport stretcher bed uses an innovative design and incorporates distinctive features aimed to help caregivers provide a more meaningful level of care to patients. It is specifically invented to meet the needs of customers by offering key characteristics such as a dual brake system, a deep good storage area in the base, and an ergonomic design to help improve the efficiency of healthcare. With the heightened awareness regarding fall prevention, we are proud to offer a Transport Stretcher that is the best-in-class low height stretcher in the market.

Two Parts Connecting Stretcher for Operation Room

The connecting stretcher is specially designed for transferring the patient to minimize the contamination in the operating room. It consists of two separate carts with a connecting system to slide the up stretcher from one to another. It uses a rotating guardrail and a removable mattress to transition the patient to the bed. The main structure of this stretcher is made of aircraft aluminum alloy material and ABS plastic. This 2-parts connecting stretcher can be adjusted, translated, and lifted at will according to need, and it can also be slid to another unit, automatically locked, and equipped with a safety device. The central control braking system is used to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability during the transfer process.