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Operation Light

A surgical light is also referred to as an operating light or surgical light head, which is a medical device designed to assist medical personnel during a surgical procedure. By illuminating a local area or cavity of the patient, the operator can have a more clear vision and make more accurate judgments.

There are mainly 2 types of surgical lighting available from us. One is the ceiling-mounted LED light, and the other is the mobile medical stand lamp. As its name suggests, the ceiling-mounted surgical light is usually seen in the operating room or dental room. With the continuous research and development of the medical industry, we also manufactured advanced surgical light with image system, which is intended to provide an HD scene of the patient's operating area.

The biggest advantage of this mobile surgical stand lamp is that it would not be limited by the operating place or space. It is lightweight and portable with wheels. Equipped with excellent illumination, this movable operating light is a cost-effective device for doctors. What's more, we specially manufacture military combat operating lamp for emergency treatment. To know more, please click product pages for more information.

Please feel free to contact us if you have an interest in any of those surgical lights.

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LED Operating Light with Image System (SE-750B)

The operation light with a digital image system is designed to assists during critical operations where a focused source of bright light is required. These technologically advanced lighting systems help in improving the procedural efficiency with its superior light source. Its superior shadow control through advanced technology that creates thousands of beams of light. Equipped with the high-definition video camera and monitor, this ceiling-mounted surgical light gives you expanded video-assist capabilities. And its groundbreaking suspension system glides with ease and stays where you want it.

Mobile LED Operating Light on Wheels-SE03

Its lightweight and movable design are intended not to limited by the operating place or space. The focus feature of the light source in different positions produces a shadowless effect and a depth lighting effect, ensuring that the operating room environment is completely shadowless which is especially crucial for precise operation.

Ceiling-mounted LED Surgical Light (SE-750)

This LED operating light is the ideal surgical lighting device for modern operating rooms and clean operating rooms. It adopts imported cold LED light source to ensure that the lifespan of the shadowless lamp is as long as 50,000 hours. The light field size can be adjusted by the handle to meet various requirements, handle sheath can be sterilized at a high temperature of 135°C to ensure the safety of the operation.

Military Operating Light SE-01A

This outdoor combat surgery light features an independent cooling system and optical components. It is lightweight and easy to maintain. One button to reach the maximum brightness or a specific value of brightness.

Carbon Fiber LED Surgical Stand Lamp (SE-02F)

1. Easy to operate: ergonomic design; assemblE and disassemble completed in 2 min. 2. Strong endurance: Powered by lithium battery; large capacity and long life. Use time≥6h. 3. Lightweight: compact weight≤16kg, equipped with universal wheel, portable.

Emergency Operation Lamp With High-definition Camera System (SE-01F)

This portable surgical light is featured with audio and Video acquisition, telemedicine and messaging with advanced technology.