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Mini Oxygen Regulator EMS-OR101

This low-cost regulator is fitted with a brass sleeve around key parts. It is laser etched to eliminate flaking and rub-off. Test method for evaluating the ignition, sensitivity and fault tolerance of oxygen. Normally, the regulator applies to all medical and emergency treatment.

Emergency First Aid Compact Mylar Blanket EMS-A901

This silver blanket is made from PET film, extremely lightweight, flexible, and can retain 90% body heat in cold weather.It is an extremely versatile camping blanket that can also be used as a curtain on a sliding door. This first aid blanket can be easily used as a supplemental blanket if an indoor source of heat is unavailable. This waterproof blanket is ideal for people who love to camp frequently or those who live in places with extremely low average temperature. Lost campers and hikers have an additional possible benefit: the metallic surface appearance flashes in the sun, allowing use as an improvised distress beacon for searchers. This space blanket is perfect for camping trips and sporting events in addition to emergencies. The emergency thermal blankets are often given to marathoners and other endurance athletes at the end of races, or while waiting before races if the weather is chilly.

Hospital Medical Autoclave Sterilizer AO-VAS101

This autoclave sterilizer is intended to created high-pressure steam that could widely be applied to medical instruments and industrial disposable infectious waste for sterilization. It is one of the most popular methods to disinfect reusable tools in medical, dental, scientific, and tattoo industries. Basic water cleaning is only the first step in removing viruses, pathogens, and bacteria from the object surface, the second deeply cleaning should be operated with high temperature and pressure steam in the chamber.

Stainless Steel Kick Bucket on Casters AO-SSA011

This kick bucket is balanced and corrosion-resistant. It is situated on top of 4 swivel casters to allow for easy mobility. It has a stainless steel frame and a bumper around the entire bottom so it will not bump into walls. This fully stainless steel is convenient and durable to use so it is widely applied in kinds of industries, especially in medical healthcare.

Stainless Steel Stool AO-SSA010

This versatile stool is manufactured with premium grades of stainless steel and precision engineering techniques. It is widely used in doctors' offices, medical treatment rooms, clinics, etc. We also offer it in customized specifications to meet the requirements of our esteemed clients. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

Hospital Stainless Steel Dual Bag Trolley with Wheels AO-SSA008

This product is consists of the stainless steel frame and two cloth trash bags. The high-quality material makes it sturdy, durable and easy to clean. These two removable cloth bags are large-load and easy to be sterilized for repeatable use. This mobile trash cart also has 4 swivel casters for easy movement. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, etc.