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Folding stretcher four fold EMS-A105

Foldaway Stretcher Four fold with outrigger, it can be folded contracted by transverse and longitudinal, and with handbag. It is made of high-stretcher aluminum alloy and oxford leather materials. Used for carrying patients and wounded person.

Lengthwise foldable stretcher without wheels and posts EMS-A108

Lengthwise foldable stretcher is used by the armed forces and in sporting fields. It is single fold stretcher. Complete with two orange quick-release restraints.

Easy-fold wheeled stretcher EMS-A110

Light Weight, easy clean, anodized aluminum alloy framework. Washable, water proof & anti-fungus fabric top with safety belts. Straight feet or bend feet both available .Adjustable Back Rest is optional.

Stretcher Double Fold (with two wheels and two Stirrup feet) EMS-A106

Two Fold Stretcher with wheels is an ultra-portable stretcher combines functionality and convenience in one item. This Aluminum Stretcher is lightweight and can be used to carry and transport an injured person to immediate medical care.

Disaster Litter EMS-A112

We designed the disaster litter as a cost-effective aid for rescuers faced with the challenges of natural disasters and army. This pole stretcher decon is with ergonomically designed handles and 2 IV Attachment Points.

Foldable Wheeled Stretcher with reclining back and pull handle EMS-A111

The foldable stretcher with pull handle is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and PU leather. Back rest can be adjusted .Can be folded by lengthwise.