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Combat Tourniquet EMS-A209

Combat Tourniquet is used to block venous return temporarily before intravenous infusion or blood drawing in all hospitals and clinical stations. It can also be used in first aid, blood station as well as home emergency.

SOF Tactical Tourniquet EMS-A209A

The SOF Tactical Tourniquet is 100% effective during US Army Institute of Surgical Research testing. It uses the same application method for arms or legs, which minimizes training and reduces the risk of mistakes in the field.

Medical SOF Military Tactical Emergency Tourniquet EMS-A209B(Hook Type)

This SOF military tourniquet features an outstanding ability to control extremity bleeding, lightweight to carry, high level of reliability and ease of application. Besides, it is an effective and convenient device can be used in a high-stress and harsh environment. So it becomes the choice of most military combat troops all over the world.

CAT Tactical Tourniquet Quick Slow Hemorrhage Rescue EMS-A209C

The military tourniquet can easily self-operated and quickly control life-threatening extremity bleeding. It is designed to perform in all weather conditions and can be widely used in most emergency situations. According to the record, it has been issued to more than one million military personnel.

Disposable Tourniquet Latex Free EMS-A210A

This latex-free tourniquet is an essential first aid kits stuff. It can be easily used and quickly stop blood bleeding. With its quality material, it will not cause a latex-induced allergic reaction in latex-sensitive patients or employees.

Elastic Quick Release Medical Sport Tourniquet Buckle Band EMS-A211A

The First Aid Tourniquet is elastic and made of non-latex material which is gentle to the skin. It can be easily operated by one hand to tighten and loosen with the adjustable buckle. This product is mainly used for stopping the massive hemorrhage of limbs on field conditions or in a normal pre-hospital emergency.