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Surgery Supply

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Hospital Portable Syringe Pump for Medical Use

The syringe pump uses an integrated approach to patient-controlled analgesia and helps to enhance patient safety and efficiency through bar code technology and advanced software design. In that case, it is able to effectively help resolve wrong dose and wrong drug errors. Moreover, with many customization options, this $sku$ is ideal for application in a variety of settings with adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

Mobile LED Operating Light on Wheels-SE03

Its lightweight and movable design are intended not to limited by the operating place or space. The focus feature of the light source in different positions produces a shadowless effect and a depth lighting effect, ensuring that the operating room environment is completely shadowless which is especially crucial for precise operation.

Portable Non-invasive Ventilator in Small Size

This non-invasive ventilator realizes the premium experience of man-machine synchronization by perfectly integrating excellent industrial designs and perfect user experience, and it collects more comprehensive treatment data. Extra added PC mode, it is able to meet the requirements of patients who have shallow breathing or accelerated breathing issues. In that case, this ventilator can ensure increasing tidal volume and blood oxygen saturation when patients breathing in. Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) enables the patient’s breathing without the need for intubation or a tracheotomy. In acute settings, NIV delivers effective therapy with less risk of infection and improved survival in patients with respiratory failure, which reduces the morbidity and possibly the mortality of hypercapnic respiratory failure. Furthermore, it effectively avoids intubation suffering for patients during treatment.

Portable Patient Multi-parameter Vital Signs Monitor for Ambulance

Designed specifically to address the needs of today’s highly diverse patient population, the SS070 covers all the features you need in a compact, portable, and cost-effective solution. This vital sign monitor raises its standard in compact patient monitoring by looking beyond basic necessity, adding features that make it a more comprehensive one. It successfully partners a high-resolution, easy-to-view color display with a truly practical, lightweight design. SS070 also offers valuable and intelligent options to extend your capabilities. In a word, it is a highly adaptable, portable package that you’ll want to use wherever possible – from bedside to transport.

Stainless Steel Medical Cylinder Disinfectant Container AO-SU002

This half clamshell cylinder is ideal to keep cotton alcohol and gauze. So it usually appears when the patient needs disinfection before transfusion or injection. It is made of stainless steel which is acceptable to high-temperature sterilization. That provides a clean and hygienic environment for medical instruments that have to stay under bacteria-free containers. Based on the above characteristic, this high-quality container is quite popular in hospitals, clinics, beauty salons, labs and so on.

Universal Electric Surgical Table (Lateral Cylinder) AO-OT1D

Universal Electric Operating Table is a mobile, operated surgical table designed to support virtually all general and bariatric surgical procedures including cardiac and vascular, endoscopic, gynecology, urology, nephrectomy, neurology, ophthalmologic and orthopedic with the addition of AO table accessories.