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Transport Stretcher Trolley

Our multi-functional stretchers have all the components required for transporting patients, emergency procedures, and inpatient observation. It is intended to ensure the transport safety of patients and improve the efficiency of healthcare. As you could see on the website, we have the hand-cranked patient trolley and electric hydraulic trauma stretcher now. Both of these two types are hygiene and safety because they are all made of high-quality material, featured with ergonomic designs, and approved through strict inspections and examinations. They are all easy-to-clean, durable and sturdy, and thanks to their wide range of optional accessories, they are ready for and able to meet any emergencies. Also, the fold-rail trauma stretcher is equipped with collapsing side-rails for unobstructed, four-sided access for medical professionals. To know more about our products, please see the below gallery and click for details.


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Hydraulic Transport Stretcher with Weight Scale( Backrest May X-Ray) EMS-D303

This hydraulic transport stretcher adopts two hydraulic pumps and hydraulic control panel to adjust the height.

Hand-cranked Transport Stretcher EMS-D302

The Hand-cranked Transport Stretcher is designed to ensure caregiver safety and efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. It can be instrumental in reducing caregiver injuries during patient care. With its standardized platform, this trauma stretcher is ideal for use in virtually any transport situation. Whether you are in triage or attending to critical patients this standardized platform provides the functionality needed for trauma situations with the mobility required for transporting.

Patient Transfer Stretcher for Operating Room EMS-D315

Transport Stretcher is an economical choice designed with ease of use and versatility in mind. The main construction of the Patient Transfer Stretcher for Operating Room is shaped by once die-casting of fine aluminum alloy. The guideways for linking two small separate carts are made of quality aluminum alloy of high strength and thus enable the bed to move steadily and reliably. Two separate small carts can be raised and lowered for adjustment. Only when the two small carts are adjusted to the same level, the bed rest can slide smoothly. As the bed slides to any separate cart, it can be automatically locked and equipped with a safety device. The patient transfer stretcher is designed to ensure caregiver safety and efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. Our industry-leading warranty provides you with confidence in the durability and craftsmanship of our stretcher fleet.

Electric Emergency Transport Stretcher EMS-D301

The electric emergency transport stretcher adopts a shockproof system, which allows patients to feel plenty of comforts. It adopts an electronic control panel to adjust the height. The patient stretcher features φ20 cm centrally silent castor for easier maneuvering. A central brake system with brake pedals located at the foot end easily allows staff to slow down or bring the medical gurney to a halt.

Patient Transfer Board EMS-A304C

This transfer board is a lightweight transfer system designed to facilitate a supine lateral transfer. It is comprised of 2 parts: the inner core is a light, rigid, full-size board covered with a low friction material; and the tubular outer sheet which has a low friction inner surface.

Hospital Emergency Stainless Steel Stretcher (AO-SSA007)

This emergency trolley is made of high-quality stainless steel that is sturdy and durable for patient transport. Equipped with 2 noiseless casters and 2-motorcycle wheels, this stretcher cart can smoothly and steadily bear the patient when he/she is in emergency transport, who can not go through any bump and also needs quick rescue. Also, its two chrome-plated push bars ensure excellent maneuverability during transport. Our stretcher is also contented with an IV pole which makes it a temporary hospital bed anywhere. When there are no more beds available in the hospital, and so many patients are eager for quick treatment, then this movable stretcher can replace the general hospital bed to let patients lay down and get an examination and rapid treatment even in the corridor.