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Série de sauvetage en eau

This is the Water Rescue series mainly includes Lifebuoy, Rescue Tube, Rescue Float Buoy, Life Jacket, and Throw Bag. All of them are must-have water life-saving equipment of lifeguards, even people themselves. 

The lifebuoy float is also known as ring buoy, life buoy ring, lifering, lifesaver, life donut, life preserver or lifebelt. The ring buoy is made from solid closed-cell plastic and soft and resilient to touch. They are manufactured under strict standards and approved through numerous tests. The high-quality surface resists weather and temperature extremes and will not rot or mildew. This life buoy ring is normally carried by ships and is also located beside bodies of water that have the depth or potential to drown someone. It functions a connecting line allowing the casualty to be pulled to the rescuer in a boat.

The lifeguard rescue can is a very important piece of equipment used by the lifeguards. The rescue float buoy uses its buoyancy to support victims in the water, and it can also be used as a signaling device when the casualty is floating in a large area. 

Rescue tubes feature more lightweight and portable than other lifeguard equipment. Its super-soft body is coated with heavy marine vinyl for maximum durability. The buoyancy of the rescue tube helps support the weight of both the victim and the rescuer, providing reassurance to the distressed swimmer.

The throw bag is an ideal beach guard equipment for the lifeguards as it is an excellent choice for swift water rescue work.

That three-piece life jacket is designed to keep safe in all water activities. This life vest is especially applied when people having exciting but dangerous water rides, such as powerboat, surfing, rafting and so on. It is made of high-quality NBR which makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. Equipped with two adjustable safety belts, this water life jacket is versatile for adults and children.


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Bouée de sauvetage en PEHD avec 3 poignées

Les corps de la bouée de sauvetage de torpille avec 3 poignées sont durs et légers, en HDPE (polyéthylène haute densité). Le processus de moulage crée une bouée creuse et remplie d'air, ce qui fait que la sauvetage de patrouille peut être extrêmement dynamique et capable de supporter de multiples victimes pendant les secours. Il ne tombera pas librement d'une hauteur de 4 mètres, avec une charge de 100KG-150KG. Il peut sauver la personne qui noye le danger dans les plus brefs délais et de la manière la plus commode.

Tube de sauvetage à mailles d'eau EMS-A411

Ce tube de sauvetage est un équipement de sauvetage, situé dans les stations principales et les unités de sauvetage, est idéal pour sauver une seule victime. pour une utilisation sur le Baywatch, ou lors de l'utilisation d'une carte de secours.

Tube de secours pour sauveteur aquatique EMS-A411B

Ce tube de bouée est un équipement de sauvetage essentiel dans l’eau, situé dans les stations principales et les unités de sauvetage, idéal pour porter secours à une seule victime. Le tube de sauvetage peut être fixé autour du torse de la victime et est particulièrement efficace dans les grandes vagues ou pour les victimes inconscientes.

Sac de lancer (EMS-A411E)

A throw bag is standard rescue equipment for kayaking and other outdoor river recreational activities. It is used to rescue someone who is swimming down a river after capsizing their kayak or canoe. The throw bag has a high visible buoyant rope with a reflective strip on the front.