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Hospital Automated External Defibrillator for Emergency Rescue

AED Defibrillator is a life saving medical device with a lightweight and useful design to deliver an electric shock (defibrillation) to the patient in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. And our AED defibrillators are designed to be used by anyone who does not have medical training but has had training in first aid. This ERS041 AED defibrillator features easy to use, long battery life, long warranty period, more than 100 defibrillations (shock) capacity, high capacity internal memory, easily updatable infrastructure, and so on. For more details, please click below the product page for review.

Mobile Ozone Treatment Machine

The ozone treatment machine is designed to produce ozone and the ozone can combine with the nebulizer to form ozone fog that can be applied to different treatment parts of the body according to the different clinical requirements. This medical device takes advantage of a strong sterilization effect so the ozone fog also has a disinfecting function. In that case, the cell membranes of pathogenic microorganisms would be destroyed, and then necrosis. This ozone treatment device features high-efficiency, fast and broad-spectrum sterilization. It has an extremely strong disinfecting performance to kill bacterial propagule, bacterial bud, virus, fungus, and other pathogenic microorganisms. So this device is widely applied in the therapy of gynaecopathia.

Reusable Silicone Manual Ambu bag Resuscitator Ventilator with PEEP Valve

The ability to deliver increased amounts of oxygen via tubing and an oxygen tank improved the Ambu bag's versatility. The Ambu bag proved its merits in the field of emergency medical services and then moved to the hospital area. Placement and use in intensive care units, the emergency room, and general care units added to its value. The Ambu bag is also vital to the in-home care of patients dependent on breathing machines.

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We AO TECH are committed to being the leading manufacturer and supplier of emergency equipment and devices. We achieve our mission by delivering the latest and most reliable product through evolving research and development. This AOEMS.COM seeks to improve prehospital patient care and promote positive changes in EMS by providing qualified and improved emergency rescue products.

First aid kits supply a range of first aid kits to help you prepare for any first aid emergencies which may happen whether you're at work, at home, on holiday, at sports events, on the road and when you’re out with friends and family. Certainly, it is also the must-have bag for the professional first-aid responders. All the basic medical items (tourniquet, medicinal scissor, alcohol cotton, Iodine cotton swabs, gauze bandage and so on) are packaged in the bag and you could customization your first aid kits. You only need to contact us and let us know your requirements.

We also have flexible devices designed to buoy and help a victim in a Water Rescue, such as the tube, ring buoy, life jacket, throw bag, and etc. There are critical pieces of equipment that should be carried by people swimming, surfing and playing in the water. Stretchers are mostly applied in smooth and stable patient’s transportation. They mainly include evacuation stair chairs, long spine board, ambulance stretcher, scoop stretcher, folding stretcher, basket stretcher, hospital transport stretcher trolley and etc. And the paramedic often has to use the Immobilization device when in emergency rescues, such as splints, head immobilizers, and cervical extrication collars. Actually, we also provide many other life-saving types of equipment meeting any kinds of requirements. Please carefully find and view the product pages for what you want. If you have any interests or questions of products, please CONTACT US by a simple click.