Фиксатор Головы

We mainly produce many kinds of head immobilizers. There are adult head immobilizers and pediatric head immobilizer. Pediatric head immobilizer also named child head immobilizer or infant's head Immobilize. Normally the adult head immobilizer is also named universal head immobilizer, or disposable head-splint. It is made of durable vinyl coated closed-cell foam, and the material is waterproof plastic-coated EVA or NBR, also called EVA head-splint, EVA head support, EVA head immobilizer, NBR head immobilizer.

All of these head immobilizers are compatible with X-ray, CT, and MRI. The immobilizer devices fit all standard backboards and scoop stretchers. It comes with two plastic-coated head support blocks with big ear holes, a universal attachment base plate, two durable head/chin straps, and two fixing straps. Head Immobilizer features vinyl-coated foam for easy disinfecting and long-lasting use and is available in red, blue, orange, and black. The waterproof plastic-coated head immobilizer is simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean.

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Infant/Child Head Immobilizer EMS-A403

The infant or pediatric Head Immobilizer is simple to use, light weight and easy to clean. It comes with two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base, and two durable head straps. The head immobilizer is an emergency patient-handling device designed to aid in immobilizing a patient’s head and neck. It is for professional use only, by a minimum of two trained operators.

Иммобилайзер для взрослых голов EMS-A403C

Иммобилайзер для мягкой головы для взрослых с виниловым покрытием - это устройство для экстренной фиксации пациента, предназначенное для иммобилизации головы и шеи пациента. Оно предназначено только для профессиональной неотложной медицинской помощи, как минимум двумя обученными операторами.