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Foldable Wheeled Stretcher with a Handle EMS-A111

The foldable stretcher with a lift handle is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and PU leather. It features an adjustable backrest and lengthwise foldaway. The foldable stretcher is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and PU leather. This foldable stretcher can be folded by lengthwise with flexible handle and outrigger. The foldable stretcher is characterized by its being lightweight, portable, easy to carry out and safe to use, etc. The foldable stretcher is mainly used in carrying patients and wounded people for the hospitals, and churches.

Multifunctional Emergency Rescue Soft Stretcher (EMS-A407)

This soft stretcher is made of specially compounded plastic material. It is portable, durable and versatile which is perfect for fast application. Mainly used in saving people from big fire, deep and narrow space, general sudden disaster on the ground, high-altitude mountain, horizontal or vertical lifting, chemical accident.

Mass Casualty Rescue Stackable Stretcher EMS-A101

This stacking stretcher is made from a strong yet lightweight aluminium frame and a heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon cover which is easy to clean and resistant to blood and bodily fluids. It is usually applied for mass casualty and catastrophic situations. Its maximum load is 159kg.

Neil Roberts Stretcher EMS-A301C

Neil Robertson stretcher specifically designed for the recovery of victims in difficult and cramped situations, especially where the patient has to be raised and carried to safety. Made with canvas or PVC with wood or bamboo inside. It guarantees the utmost safety for the patient also during lifting. Thanks to robust construction and a practical storage system it becomes indispensable for rescue in mines, industries, building sites, ships.