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Vacuum Splint

Vacuum splint, also named vacuum transport stretcher is a emergency immobilization device like a small vacuum mattress that is used in emergency immobilizing as a temporary splint. Vacuum splints operate by extracting air from the splint itself to enable the thousands of polystyrene balls inside the splint to mold around the injured body part similar to an orthopedic cast. Vacuum splints are primarily used by paramedics to splint trauma-related injuries, joint dislocation, subluxation, and extremity fractures. The main fucntion of the vacuum splint is supplying immobilization and short distance patient trasporting. The material is TPU. TPU vacuum splint advantages are durable, soft and strong.
The vacuum splint advantages include the ability to provide support whilst relieving pressure at the injury side. Vacuum splints are available for X-Ray, CT and MRI.

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Full body vacuum mattress stretcher EMS-A127

Vacuum Mattress Stretcher can be used in first aid of pre-hospital,earthquake,airport,mine,traffic accident,sports and military to transport,especially when the rescue space is constricted,such as mountain,cave and canyon.

Limb Vacuum splint EMS-0A00

Vacuum splint use the TPU material, the valve with perfect vacuum guarantee, chambers’ design inside, compatible with the X-ray, CT and MRI equipment, etc. Vacuum splints immobilize the parts not the whole body, which is much highly targeted.

Vacuum Mattress Stretcher EMS-A406

A vacuum mattress, or vacmat, is a medical device used for the immobilization of patients, especially in case of a vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma (especially for femur trauma). It is also used for manual transportation of patients for short distances.

Air Splint Set EMS-A405

Air Splints are used to immobilize arm and leg fractures, with uniform pressure on the limb and to guarantee stability and comfort for the patient. A unique characteristic of these inflatable splints is the zipper.

TPU Vacuum Splint Set

The vacuum splint, which can be quickly fixed, further reduces suspected pinjury to save life.